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With offices in NC and SC, Recon is a privately held firm, veteran and family owned solar installer. We invest in quality people and are continuously innovating to improve our processes, influence manufacturers and suppliers to provide better value, and are broadening our integrated and focused portfolio of products and services so we can continue to deliver on our Mission to be a positive change agent in the our world by making renewable energy understandable, accessible, and affordable to our customers.

Solar Panels in North Carolina

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Residential Solar Energy in NC
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What We Do

Residential Solar

Roof mounts, ground mounts, and carports are available and customizable to reach maximum efficiency. We work with homes of different conditions and structures along the east coast.

Commercial Solar

Commercial property owners can reduce business costs with solar energy systems for the next 25 years with a locked-in kWh rate and fixed payments.

Ground Mounts

As an alternative to roof mounted systems, ground mounts can be set further back from the property and maximize solar efficiency at a 30° angle.

Industrial Solar

We are committed to partnering with various industrial locations throughout North Carolina.

Car Ports

Maximize your space with solar Car Ports. This economical systems best suits larger commercial spaces.

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Recon Renewable Energy is the solar installation company in North Carolina that makes solar accessible. Whether your needs are commercial, residential or industrial we can help walk you through what can sometimes appear to be quite a daunting process of getting your solar panels installed.

Whether you’re getting a new home or want to improve the one you’ve already got, we can plan with you to install self-reliant, sustainable, and a cost-saving energy system to benefit you and your family.

If you don’t need them for your home and are a business, school, non-profit, government or military organization, don’t worry, we can help you out too.

With over 60 years of experience in energy, we have installed solar energy systems for a whole range of businesses, who like us, see solar power systems as a great long-term investment. Not only do you get the financial savings on your energy bills, but solar offers your business environmental benefits too. We help all commercial and industrial clients, providing dedicated support and confidence industry expertise that can leave you having 100% faith in your renewable strategy.

We have over 60 years of experience and have installed over 1000 systems so you know when you come to us you can rest easy knowing your investment is in good hands.

North Carolina has become one of the leading states for solar power. You probably see panels popping up on rooftops all over the place. Well now is the time to jump on the bandwagon and get into renewable energy.

If you’re a customer of Duke Energy you have even further financial incentives to get some solar panels installed. Whether you want solar panels at your home or business, legislation recently passed that has made going solar incredibly affordable. As a resident of North Carolina, you can sign up for a rebate that helps pay for the installation of solar panels as part of a $62 million program. Find out more about it here.

At Recon Renewable Energy, we are proud to have done our fair share in helping the solar industry in North Carolina boom and happy to see that solar is now more popular than ever. And who can blame everyone for wanting to go renewable when the average 20-year savings range from $11,777 – $20,355.

The Tar Heel State ranks 30th out of all 50 states but even though electric is cheaper in some states at $0.11/kwh energy prices are still low. That’s great right? Wrong, coal and other destructive fossil fuels are generating all that energy, not only is this not great news for the planet, in the long run, it won’t be good news for your bank balance either. When all of the fossil fuel we’re burning starts to catch up with us, the lack of supply and high demand will cause prices to skyrocket. This is going to cost households who don’t have their own energy source a small fortune.