Why your Electricity Bill is High and how to Reduce it in North Carolina

make electricity bill cheaper with solar in NC

Do you know what solar energy is? And, why you need it? Solar energy is derived from the sun’s radiation. Apart from cost-effective ways of generating power, solar power systems do not produce Carbon dioxide or other harmful gases. The reason behind this is the process does not require fuel or other resources, such as water or wind, to generate power. Shifting to solar energy is one of the best solutions for people looking on how to reduce electricity bill.

Install solar power and generate solar energy for your homes as well as offices. There is a net metering policy in which your extra power is sent to grids. In this system, you get a credit for your extra electricity, which your system generates and allows you to use those credits towards the price of the solar panels.


Benefits of solar power systems

There are many benefits of going solar. We have listed a few benefits, which are common. If you want solar panels in North Carolina, get them installed now to save your environment and power costs.

  • Zero energy production costs
  • Versatile & cost effective installation
  • Environment-friendly
  • Improved security of the power grid


Why your power bill is so expensive in North Carolina?

Whether it is a residential use or commercial use, the power bill in North Carolina is so expensive. The North Carolina ranks 14th in the U.S.A with the average monthly residential electricity bill of $117. If compared with the other states, the average monthly residential electricity bill in NC is 9.35% higher. There are a number of reasons behind this increased cost, including increased changes in fuel costs and buying renewable energy. If you are planning on how to lower electric bill in summer, you may shift to this renewable source of power.


How to make power bill cheaper in North Carolina

Go solar now. It will not only make your power bill cheaper in North Carolina, but also help you save the environment from being polluted. With the latest solar technology available, Solar panels in North Carolina receive a 30 percent federal tax credit on new solar systems from the local and federal agencies. So, there has never been a better time to go solar than now. If you are planning on how to lower electric bill in winter, then go solar. If you generate excess power than required, you can store the power for later use.


Cut electric bill

Whether it is a residential or a commercial electricity bill, you can cut your electric bill. Hire a solar installation service company in NC and let it do its work. Apart from helping you buy high quality and technologically advanced solar panels, it will also help you get the panels installed in the right place so that they get the maximum exposure of the sun. Some common solar power incentives in NC include:

  • Duke Energy solar panel rebates
  • Revolving loan options
  • Federal Investment Tax Credit
  • State property tax exemption
  • Building permit rebates
  • Net metering



Whether you want solar panels Cary NC or solar panels Wilmington NC, get in touch with a solar panel installation company. Most of the solar panel installation companies are well equipped with the latest technology, equipment and trained installers to offer the best services to each customer they serve. In addition, they also help you get the incentives and rebates of the state and local agencies. Professional installers know how to install and make your panels survive in the diverse climatic conditions without compromising with the output.

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