Get Ready for Duke Energy Rebates in NC in 2019

Get Duke Energy Rebates in NC 2019

The choices to receive duke energy rebates in NC are here to encourage you to go for solar power wholeheartedly. It is high time you begin the New Year 2019 on a positive note. Recon Renewable Energy believes that such rebates are extremely essential so that solar energy becomes easily affordable and accessible to each and every household.


Why There Is a Need of Energy Rebates?

There is no lack of companies which facilitate the installation of solar panels thus ease the use of such biodiversity energy solutions. Recon Renewable Energy is one of the fastest-growing solution providers that conserve energy in a planned manner. Such steps are essential today by keeping into consideration the increased demand for electricity requirements. Therefore, opting for solar power should be a top priority today. Constructing power plants is a lengthy process and expensive too. It is only through the energy rebates in NC that consumers are encouraged to adopt the solar energy solutions instead.


Energy Rebates in NC & Recon Renewable Energy Solutions

Recon Renewable Energy has been striving to offer the best possible solutions that take advantage of the government approved energy rebates in NC. The users have already received the benefits in 2018 which the State mandated and they are definitely going to receive further benefits in the New Year. The proposed program is expected to bring huge rebates to the newly installed solar systems of 10-kilowatt capacity or less. With the launch of such program in pursuance of the aims of the Competitive Energy Solutions for North Carolina Law are bound to empower the region. In the year 2018, the solar rebate of six million had been distributed to many residential and commercial customers. According to an estimation, by 2022, it is expected that NC energy rebates 2019 will have a greater impact with maximum customer covering.

High Demand of Energy Rebates in NC and Recon Renewable Energy


Demand for rebate program sought the attention of people by the masses. Its popularity could be witnessed in a mere 2 weeks after the launch. Indeed, funds allotted for the first year had already used up. As a result, many potential users were even unable to take the full-fledged benefit of the NC energy rebates 2019 plan. Due to such popularity and proposed duke energy rebates in NC, the plan will have its second innings starting in January, 2019.


Worthwhile 2019 Energy Rebates

The first priority of duke energy rebates in NC would be to prefer the customers who had their solar systems installed from January, 2018 to July, 2018 and sought affordable solutions. The second in the row to be preferred would be those whose systems have been connected from July, 2018 to the end of the year. In nutshell, the NC energy rebates 2019 are as follows:

  • For residential customers: Up to $6,000 rebate from Duke Energy and another additional 30% Federal Tax Credit for systems
  • For commercial customers: Up to $50,000 rebate from Duke Energy + 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • For non-profits (schools, churches etc.): Up to $75,000 rebate from Duke Energy.


Other Essential Factors

Those applying for the duke energy rebates in NC can complete their system installations in the calendar year in which they have submitted applications. We would like you to remember that this exception is just for one-year to comply with the NC Utilities Commission’s order. It means that you need to sign up for rebates in 2019 before the allocated funds get over.


Recon Renewable Energy is Here to Help!

Once you decide to go solar, our company is here to guide you for the following:

  • Getting necessary approvals from various authorities
  • Completing the paperwork
  • Designing the solar systems
  • Installing the solar systems
  • Taking advantage of tax credits and energy rebates in NC
  • Maintenance and repair of solar systems

Recon Renewable Energy offers exclusive solutions for environmental-friendly and smart energy need fulfillment.


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