Best Ground Mounted Solar Panel Solutions

Many people approach us for the ground mount solar panel solutions for their homes. While homeowners think of installing a solar power system in NC on their homes, the first solution that probably hit their minds is rooftop solar. We, at Recon Renewable Energy, let the homeowners realize that installing the ground-mounted solar panels is not only easy, but also cost-effective.

Being a well-established company, we have professional installers and skilled technicians. We can install or repair the ground-mounted solar panels anywhere on your property such as the frontal area, side or the backyards. Although, they work perfectly for years without wear and tear, they might need maintenance to withstand the diverse climatic conditions. Our in-house trained technicians are always ready to offer you maintenance or repair services in the least time.


Best Ground Mount Solar Panels in North Carolina


Types of Ground-Mounted Solar Panel Systems

There are two basic types of ground mount solar panels in NC – standard ground mounts and pole mounts. Standard ground mounts are those installed in the grounds of the homes to hold the solar panels up facing the sun at a fixed angle. Some panels come with a feature that they can be manually adjusted a few times in a year in order to receive maximum sunlight. On the other hand, pole mounts are available with the tracking systems which automatically tilt the solar panels to face maximum sunlight possible.


Ground Mounted Solar Panels Cost in NC

The exact cost of solar panel ground mounting solely depends on the specific factors like system size, ease of installation options, technology use and the rebates to incentives received amongst others. The average tentative price for solar panels is $4.30 per watt. Solar panels must always be installed by a professional company like us. We ensure professional installation under the guidance of our skilled and highly trained installers.


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We have a strong team of professional installers thus ensure correct installation and setup for optimal energy output. Apart from the fresh installation services, we also offer maintenance and repair services to our clients. With many successful projects, implementations have done successfully our company has become a famous solar panel installation company in North Carolina today. Call us or send an email to our team now to help us prepare a customized quotation for your specific requirements.