Best Industrial Solar Panel Solutions in NC

With all industries in their transition phases to welcome the new energy avenues for smooth outputs, there is a surge in the demand of Industrial Solar Panels in NC. There is a big difference between commercial or utility-scale solar power projects and those for individual homes. Solar panels for industrial use should remain dependable and cost-effective.

North Carolina area has seen a tremendous increase in solar power use. Such a rapid increase of Solar Power in NC is directly linked to fast industrialization. Imagine that fast growth of Solar Energy in NC from mere 1 MW (megawatts) or less one decade ago in 2007 to reaching up to approximately 1437 MW by 2015. This state has already become 2nd largest in the US to install solar panels.


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Industrialization and Solar Panels

North Carolina based notable solar contractors Cypress Creek Renewables, Strata Solar and Baker Renewable Energy etc., play a pivotal role to support Solar Power in NC uses. Industries prefer solar power for many reasons, such as:

  • A fast decrease in the Solar Panels in NC cost
  • Availability of 1603 Grant as 30% Federal support
  • An offer of 30% tax credit in the years to come
  • Other incentives as applicable



Easy Availability of Industrial Solar Panels in NC

Due to a deliberate attempt to popularize Industrial Solar Panels in NC by the governments, its availability has become easy. Unbelievable reduction in the installation cost to flexibility in tax rules further brought a new boost.

Besides availing many incentives, North Carolina enjoys substantial growth of Renewable Portfolio Standard. It is expected to touch the 12.5% mark by 2021. All possible supports, simplification and reassuring environmental factors gave a new boost to Solar Energy in NC thus not to look back anymore.



How Hiring Recon Renewable Energy Can Make a Big Difference?

Researches go on about best companies dealing into Solar Panels in NC. Positive steps taken by Recon Renewable Energy alongside other reputed brands helped the region to attain a remarkable position as national leader in solar energy for industries. This company offers the following benefits:

  • Solar power plants installation by experts
  • Low-maintenance Industrial Solar Panels in NC
  • The Largest source of solar energy solutions
  • Well-planned on-site installations
  • Equipped with the best infrastructure
  • Availability of trained professionals



Affordable Industrial Solar Panels in NC

Whether making the availability of Solar Panels in NC or their configurations, the deal is genuine and affordable for industries. Industries are receiving overall support for the advantages sought.

Highly capable and technical experts from reputed service providers including Recon Renewable Energy greatly helps to popularize Solar Power in NC for the overall growth of industries.

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