What We Do

Residential Solar

Roof mounts, ground mounts, and carports are available and customizable to reach maximum efficiency. We work with homes of different conditions and structures along the east coast.

Commercial Solar

Commercial property owners can reduce business costs with solar energy systems for the next 25 years with a locked-in kWh rate and fixed payments.

Ground Mounts

As an alternative to roof mounted systems, ground mounts can be set further back from the property and maximize solar efficiency at a 30° angle.

Industrial Solar

We are committed to partnering with various industrial locations throughout North Carolina.

Car Ports

Maximize your space with solar Car Ports. This economical systems best suits larger commercial spaces.

Additional Services

Whole Home Energy Efficiency | Blower door testing | Window/door Seals | Radiant Barrier | Blown insulation | Solar “Sense” Energy Monitoring


We use a variety of financing options to make sure we get the best fit for our customers. A few of our financers include Dividend, Interbank, and Service Finance.


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