Solar Panels in Cary NC

Recon Renewable Energy is a well-established and leading solar power company in NC that offers services for the homes and businesses by providing best of solar panel installations and maintenance services at the competitive cost. Our main goal is to provide high-quality, affordable renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions.

Our professionals not only help you to install the panels appropriately or repair the ones required to be fixed, but also guides you to avail the rebates from government agencies. The power generated from solar panels in Cary NC can be employed in your home or office, stored in a battery and/or exchanged for credits in the grid.


Best Solar Panels Services in Cary NC


Types of Solar Panels in Cary NC

We offer all types of solar energy solutions in NC to our esteemed customers. Our in-house technicians offer you the best in class installation and repair services. Some of our popular solar panels available include:

  • Residential Solar Panels
  • Commercial Solar Panels
  • Ground Mounts
  • Carports
  • Industrial Solar Panels


How much do the Best Solar Panels Cost in Cary NC?

Although the cost of a solar panel depends upon multiple factors like type, size, technology uses and durability amongst others, Recon Energy support you to find the best panels at affordable rates. In addition, it also helps you obtain both state level and national level rebates. Tentative price for the solar panels in Cary used to be $3.18 per watt in the year 2017. Now, it is expected that the price is reduced by 55% in order to make it more affordable for all.


Ensure that Panels Get Maximum Sunlight Exposures

If your solar panels don’t get proper sunlight exposures or remain covered by snow, then obviously power production would be decreased. Our skilled and professional installers ensure that such panels receive at least 6 hours of exposures to sunlight each day to increase power production from .3kW to 1.4kW. We are one of the best Solar Companies in Cary NC. Contact us now to receive free quotations.

Get in touch and our experts will plan a visit to examine your space to offer you a tailored quotation which suits to your requirement. Apart from the in-house trained technicians, we also facilitate suitable equipment and resources to ascertain the flawless performance of solar panels in Cary NC for your peace of mind.

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