Solar Panels in Garner NC

Live in Garner, North Carolina and electricity bills are burning a big hole in your pockets? If your answer is yes, it is the best time to go solar and harness the myriad of benefits of solar energy in Garner NC. With the rising electricity cost, scores of people are contacting reputable solar companies in Garner NC to know about the feasibility of solar panel installation at their homes and offices along with total expenditure.  With Recon Renewable Energy by your side, you need not to look any further for a solar company in Garner.


Best solar panels in Garner NC


Save Money with Solar Panels

Installing solar panels in homes and offices is a smart choice. Reason being is solar power in Garner NC is one of the most natural and environment-friendly sources of producing electrical energy. In addition to this, it is a cost-effective way of producing energy due to a myriad of tax rebates and incentives offered by the U.S. Government. In such a scenario, switching to solar energy is one decision that saves money now and in the long run.

Whether you are planning to upgrade your residence to make it solar-friendly or want to install solar panels in Garner, North Carolina based offices; the professionals of Recon Renewable Energy are there to help you with the range of services.


Our Service Spectrum

  • We install solar panels at residential, commercial and industrial sites after determining energy usage.
  • We complete necessary paperwork and taking approvals for going solar.
  • The electricity need of every house is different and so is the cost. We determine the total solar panel installation cost after calculating rebates and incentives.
  • We assess different kinds of solar-financing options available.

It goes without saying that the task of solar panel installation is done by professionals and with precision. We are happy to offer maintenance services to customers as and when required.

So, take your first step towards greener and cleaner environment by switching to solar power in Garner, NC.


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