Top 5 Mistakes Newbies Make While Going Solar in North Carolina (USA)

here are some solar panels mistakes to avoid

If you don’t have solar panels for your home in North Carolina, then you not only waste your hard earned money, but also pose a threat to the environment. Solar power systems in North Carolina (USA) help you save on utility bills, generate an uninterruptible source of power, produce a lesser amount of carbon footprints and of course improve property value and much more. Your many doubts regarding the installation of solar power energy systems must have vanished by now.

If you still need simple assistance which could save you a lot of money, energy and time during the planning, buying, installation, and operation phase of your solar energy system then, you should rather hire a solar installation service provider in North Carolina.


Here is the list of Top 5 Mistakes Newbies Make While Going Solar


1. Hires a Novice Solar Panel Installation Company

The company you choose plays a greater role in making you energy efficient. Professionals have the team of expert installers and technicians to finish each work with perfection. Apart from helping you to install the panels properly, they also offer maintenance services, as and when required. They make sure that the panels get maximum exposure to sunlight throughout the day. In addition, technicians working with the company know how to install solar panels on your roof.

2. Know Your Load Buying Before

You must know your consumption of power before getting the solar panels. If the solar company you are working with doesn’t research about your yearly power consumption, then you spend your money without getting the desired power supply. It is advised to consider your load more than required. Extra power can be sent to a grid and used as and when required. You can get in touch with a professional solar installation company for your requirements


3. Consider Technology

In the 21st century today, you must rely on the technology and get the technologically advanced products. High quality and latest solar panels are not only long lasting but also supportive to survive in different climatic conditions. Advanced solar panels are 100% pollution-free thus they cause no greenhouse gases. It can preserve more energy than an ordinary solar panel does. Several solar panel installation companies in North Carolina offer technologically advanced and durable solar panels at cost-effective rates.

4. Don’t have Unreasonable Expectations

Analysis of your load requirement and power generation is a must. Before switching to solar energy, consumers should have an elaborate understanding of how the process works and whether it would be able to support their house or offices’ energy requirements. If you generate more power than the requirements you have, then your solar panel installation company in North Carolina will guide you to share the surplus energy to the grids so that you use that on the later stage.


5. Forget to Apply for Tax Rebates and Other Benefits

Whether you want solar panels for your businesses or homes in North Carolina, you qualify for various tax credits, loans with easy repayment options, incentives by federal and state agencies. By applying for the solar rebates in North Carolina, solar tax credit in North Carolina and/or solar incentives in North Carolina, you can save your hard earned money.



Several companies offer total assistance in the solar power installation process. Recon Renewable Energy is one such company that offers free solar panel consultation in the North Carolina region. If you want a quotation as per your space or load requirements, reach out to us. We will have a team of professionals to inspect your space and load requirements before making a tentative quotation.

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