Solar Panels in Raleigh NC

Many people are surprised by coming to know that North Carolina of the USA is actually one of the popular states in the US to go solar. Apart from environment consciousness, high electric prices, great incentives, and net metering are some of the main reasons that drive people and firms to switch to solar. Solar Panels in Raleigh NC are not only cost effective and durable, but also technologically very advanced.

Every year Raleigh is voted one of the best places to live in the USA. The city is acclaimed for its Carolina Dogs, Cheerwine, magnificent beauty and cost-effective living. And, with the rise of solar panel installation in Raleigh NC, life in Raleigh is getting even better. Residents are generating clean energy with solar panels, and thus they are preserving Raleigh’s natural beauty and reducing home electricity costs.


Best Solar Panels solutions in Raleigh NC



Raleigh Climate for Solar Energy


Apart from the climatic conditions, there are a number of factors vital for the total output of your system such as the size and shape of the panel, the quality of the technology and the angle of the solar panel. The Raleigh climate usually provides 213 sunny days per year. The temperature of the city changes with the weather. During June and July, the average temperature is 89 degrees, while temperature reaches to around 32 degrees during the winter. Overall, climatic condition of Raleigh in NC is great for solar power.



Seeking a professional solar company in Raleigh NC?

There are a number of Solar Companies in Raleigh NC, but Recon Renewable Energy is a well-established and popular name in all over the North Carolina. With the residential solar, commercial solar, ground mounts, industrial solar and car ports, the company guarantee to make renewable energy accessible, valuable and affordable to its customers. Federal and local rebates coupled with a 70% drop in solar equipment costs since 2010 have made installing solar affordable for everyone in Raleigh.



Benefits of hiring Recon Renewable Energy

  • A qualified solar installer will answer your all questions
  • Get details about your existing energy consumption
  • Our experts will create a maximum efficiency plan for your space
  • Our trained technicians will install your solar panels
  • Our experienced technicians will also offer you solar repair services
  • Our project coordinators will help you connect your system to the grid
  • You enjoy your savings
  • Produce clean energy with your solar panels


Cost of solar panels in Raleigh North Carolina

The average cost of solar panels per watt in Raleigh North Carolina is $4.59/watt. The cost depends upon a number of things, so you first need to call us so that we can send our experts. Our solar installers will give you the exact quotation only after reviewing your space.

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